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Hangry - Chopping Board

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For anyone who knows the true terror of being hangry (angry because you're hungry), this 'hangry' chopping board is a must have in the kitchen!

This rectangular wooden chopping board makes a unique and funny Christmas gift for people who love food and become a bit like the Hulk if they get low on blood sugar!

The board reads like a dictionary definition, and the definition reads as follows:

'anger fuelled by hunger; hunger causing a negative change in emotional state'.

 Great motivation to get the oven on!

Perfect for displaying in the kitchen or dining room, the durable cutting board is also practical, as it holds up well to knife blades and is sure to spark conversation when used for serving.

Our rectangular chopping boards are a lovely shape and weight, perfect for the kitchen or to take to the table.

11.5 Inches x 8 Inches